Dato' Zulfikri Osman
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Dato’ Zulfikri Osman is the current Deputy Director General (Entrepreneurship) of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and the Interim Executive Director of Pelaburan MARA Group. His academic credentials in Accounting and Business-related support the leadership and direction he has taken throughout his career.

Dato’ Zulfikri Osman has over 30 years of experience in various positions in entrepreneurship, education, and investment in the public and private sector. Dato’ Zulfikri Osman spent his early career with the News Straits Times and Auto Bavaria, after which he ventured into various roles focusing on entrepreneurship development with MARA.

He has been instrumental in engaging industry players and government agencies to respond to market needs in the region. His involvement in high-impact related business exploration since 2014 has shifted MARA to the new entrepreneurial segment recognized by the nation. In 2015, he was appointed as a member of the Malaysia Aerospace Council, a national steering body dedicated to development in the aerospace industry in Malaysia. He is also a Board member of a various number of GLC Companies.


Dato’ Hajah Norison Binti Ramli
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Dato’ Hajah Norison binti Ramli joined the Board in April 2021. She is currently the Deputy Secretary General (Development) in the Ministry of Rural Development.  Prior to this post, Dato’ Hajah Norison was the Deputy Secretary General (Policy) of the same ministry.

She had a long career at the Ministry, among others, she had been the Under Secretary of various departments within Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs and the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development.

Dato’ Hajah Norison brings with her an extensive experience and knowledge having worked in the public sector for the past 25 years.

Dato’ Hajah Norison obtained her Bachelor in Economics from University Utara Malaysia in 1994 and Masters in Business Administration from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in 2003.

Tan Sri Dato' Azman Shah Harun
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Tan Sri Dato' Azman Shah Haron, 72, a Malaysian was appointed to the Board of Pelaburan MARA on 13 April 2021

He is the co-founder of Holiday Villa Hotels and Resorts and presently serves as the Chairman of Alangka-Suka Hotels and Resorts Sdn Bhd which owns and manages the award-winning Holiday Villa hotel chain operating in Malaysia and abroad. 

Prior to this, he was the Managing Director and shareholder of Central Holdings Berhad, the company which owns and manages the three Holiday Inn hotels in the Klang Valley. 

Tan Sri Dato' Azman also served as President of the Malaysian Association of Hotels for over two decades and member of the Malaysian Tourism Board for over twelve years. He was also the President and Board member of Asean Tourism Association (ASEANTA) and Asean Hotel & Restaurant Association (AHRA) and has contributed immensely in the promotion and expansion of tourism activities in the ASEAN region. He was the past President of International Organization of Employers (IOE), past Alternate Member of Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) / Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Malaysia, past Member of PEMUDAH Malaysia (A Special Task Force to Facilitate Business), past Board member of MIDA and past Board member of Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

Currently, he is a board member of MARA Corporation Sdn Bhd, President Emeritus (Past President) of Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), Chairman of the Industry Advisory Council for Department of Polytechnic & Community College Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, Co Chairman of the Industrial Skills Committee, Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI),  a Board Member of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), the Chairman of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Employers (CAPE), Chairman of Asean Confederation of Employers (ACE), Substantive Member on National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC), Council Member of the National Wages Consultative Committee (NWCC) Ministry of Human Resources and a Member of Public Services Commission Malaysia  (SPA).

Tan Sri Dato’ Azman was educated in Japan and Australia and has received extensive training in general hotel management in the United States of America.

Datuk Yahya bin Ja’afar
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Datuk Yahya Bin Ja’afar, joined the Board of Pelaburan MARA in Mac 2022. 

He started his career at Alam Biru Sdn. Bhd. and Alam Biru Automotif after completing his Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management & Business. With over 30 years’ experience including senior positions in entrepreneurship, education and investment of the public and private sectors, Datuk Yahya has been instrumental in engaging industry players and government agencies to respond to market needs in the southern region. His involvement in high-impact related business exploration since 2014 has opened up a new entrepreneurial segment recognized by various companies within the country. 

Datuk Haji Yahya had served as the Chief Whip and a council member for the Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB), director at Yayasan Bandaraya Johor Bahru and various GLCs. He is also active in the sports, culture and education community. Currently, he serves as a director at Lace Motor Sdn. Bhd.